The SM Store


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Combining great design and great retail, this is SM’s response to the growing demand for more affordable but fashionable environments, as well as the company’s efforts to serve more shoppers. Design concepts, a global/local fusion of merchandise, premier service and innovative marketing programs come together to bring that shopping excitement.


  • The eGift can be redeemed at THE SM STORE only, nationwide.
  • The SM Store eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount. To use the eGift at the store, the code must be given by the recipient to the customer service representative for validation at the Bills Payment Counter.
  • The recipient must wait for the customer service representative to finish the validation process. The customer service representative will receive a validation response indication the eGift amount and validity. The customer service representative will follow only what is indicated in the validation response.
  • The recipient is responsible for safekeeping of the eGift code. The recipient must only give this to the customer service representative once he/she commits to use it at the store.
  • In the event that the store's eGift validation system is offline or unavailable, the customer service representative shall politely decline in accepting the eGift. The recipient may still use the eGift when the system is back online
  • The eGift may not be valid for use on certain promotional items/services.
  • The eGift cannot be exchanged for cash. Once redeemed, it cannot be replaced when stolen or lost.
  • Multiple eGift codes may be used per transaction.
  • Once redeemed at Bills Payment Counter, the SM Gift Pass can be used to shop at The SM Store via Call to Deliver.
    1. Call #143SM/#14376
    2. Place your order and follow the payment instructions.
    3. Items can be delivered or picked up at the preferred store.