Metro Supermarket

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Metro Supermarket provides a world-class, satisfying shopping experience. Shoppers are assured of the freshest produce handled and prepared in line with international safety standards.

Freshest of the fresh only at METRO



"* Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount.
* The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code. The recipient must only give this to the counter staff once he/she commits to use it.
* The recipient must go to the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) counter and present the eGift code for validation.
* Once the validation is successful the cashier/staff in FOREX will issue a paper GC with the corresponding eGift amount to the recipient.
* In the event that the eGift validation system is offline or unavailable, the counter staff shall politely decline to accept the eGift. The recipient may still use the eGift when the system is back online.
* Multiple eGift codes may be used per transaction."


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