Globe Bundle-Guideline

Globe Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Globe bundle?
All from UK and Canada can avail Globe Bundle to connect to their loved ones, friends and families in the Philippines.
What is Globe Bundle?
It is 2000 minutes of calls for up to Five (5) Globe mobile numbers only.
What is the validity Globe Bundle?
2000 minutes of call credit is valid for 30 days.
How to subscribe?
Go to Globe Bundle
Add to Cart
In the note section, enter your UK or CAN mobile number you wish to enroll
Include up to 5 Globe Mobile number to use your bundle with
Check out and make payment.
How to use this Globe Bundle?
Orders online are confirmed usually within an hour or within the day. As soon as confirmed, you will receive an email containing your successful registration, and a dedicated access number that you will use in calling the Globe mobile numbers you enrolled.

For manual placement of orders, you may call us at; 
UK customers - +44 02074420109
Outside UK customers - WhatsApp +447720682638
Facebook: UdialPinoy
Does it require Internet connection?
Globe 2000 mins is purely offline. No internet connection required.
What if I only have less than 5 mobile numbers?
You can register 1 to 5 globe mobile numbers. In case you have less than 5, you can add more in between and during your subscription validity.

For CANADA customers, you may email us at and message us through the ff channels:
Facebook: Udial Pinoy
WhatsApp: +447720682638
For UK customers, you can also email us at or call customer service hotline at 02074420109.
Payments and Billing concerns?
We do not charge connection, maintenance, or other fees. 
Your card will be charged when your order is fulfilled. 

Accepted mode of payments

Need more help? Check out complete info for Payments, Billing, and Refund.