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Cheap calls worldwide from only 1 pence per minute.


We are a UK-based company that prides ourselves in connecting you to your family and friends back home by providing international calling bundles, as well as remittance and food delivery services through the most convenient ways, at the most affordable rates we can offer.

Serving more than 20,000 Filipinos in the United Kingdom and Ireland for over a decade now, we continuously strive to expand our network and partner with industry leaders to be present in more countries. Our community may now also call from Italy and Canada to reach the Cheap calls to Philippines Philippines, Cheap calls to Bangladesh Bangladesh, Cheap calls to India India, Cheap calls to Pakistan Pakistan, Cheap calls to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, and Cheap calls to Nigeria Nigeria, with the rest of the world as our oyster. Today, we are proud partners of:  

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As we constantly endeavour to bridge the distance between you and your loved ones, come join us as we grow bigger and better! 


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