3 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day If You're Living Abroad

September 08, 2022

3 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day If You're Living Abroad

As born and raised in a Filipino household, we all grew close to our extended family members and most especially our Grandparents. In some cases, our "Lolo and Lola" as we call them, played the role of parenting us, in the absence of our parents. They say “Iba talaga pag alagang Lolo at Lola.” and let’s admit it, we all know how we are being spoiled by them more than our parents did.

Remembering all the memories with them are bittersweet specially if you are living abroad, far from family and home.

This month, we celebrate our grandparents to give thanks for their genuine and unconditional love. Here are 3 things you can do to join the celebration without costing you, even if you’re far from home.

  1. Spend Quality time. As working abroad, we all know how tight and tiring our schedules are. Finding the most convenient time to allot a video call with your grandparents will be surely appreciated by them. Remember, the more they get older, the more sentimental they become and they tend to appreciate every little things we do for them. No efforts are small efforts.

  2. Plan a stay-at-home lunch or dinner surprise. Nowadays, you can now simply arrange a door to door food delivery for the whole family. Door to door service is one of the best option for a safer dining experience for our beloved grandparents whose health should not be put on risk especially during these times. Click here to see food delivery options.

  3. Send an instant grocery and shopping spree treat. Running out of time to send a gift? There are available e-gift vouchers online you can easily send to anyone from your household in the Philippines. Digital gift vouchers works like a gift certificate but in a form of CODE being sent through SMS and delivers real time! This is as fast as sending a text message. E-gift vouchers ranges from Food, Shopping and Groceries that are being accepted nationwide in the Philippines. Click here to know more.
As we grow old, we sometimes forget that our parents and grandparents are growing old too. Spend time and make ways to reconnect to your family back home. Whether some of them are still here, not not around anymore, keeping the memories alive, celebrating their lives and making those who left behind feel that they are being missed and loved is what matters.

Make the connection today, kabayan.